is about you as an individual. Our brand is inspired by the feedback of travel enthusiasts around the world that made us who we are. We value the connection that we have with our community and want to create travel luggage with a positive impact. To do so, we will always keep a close connection with you and strive to create memories in a responsible way, no matter where in the world you are or will be.

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Jetzt gibt es exclusiv bei cabincrew einen Rabattcode für alle Airliner. Lass dir deinen Koffer bequem nach Hause schicken und freue dich auf viele gemeinsame Stunden mit deinem Nortvi Cabin Trolley

Rabattcode: CabinCrew2021

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Qualität muss nicht immer teuer sein

The perfectly designed
carry - on suitcase

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Einzigartiges Design

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